Ligier JS Cup 2019 

The brand new Ligier JS Cup launches at the end of this month in France, with the first race being held at the world famous Le Mans circuit. The new race series was introduced by Ligier Automotive late last year, to coincide with the launch of the Ligier JS2 R – the newest sports car from the French manufacturer. The single-make formula will visit seven race circuits, six in France and one in Belgium at the legendary Spa Francorchamps. The Ligier JS Cup is entirely dedicated to the Ligier JS2 R, the ideal car for the first single-make Ligier series. Four of the races will be four hours in duration, one round will be three hours and 30 minutes, the Magny Cours round will be a six-hour race and the final round of the series will be two four-hour races. Drivers and teams will be able to get up to speed with practice sessions and a qualifying session ahead of the race.

Calendar 2019:

29-30 March - Le Mans, France 4hrs

12-13 April - Dijon, France 4hrs

24-25 May - Spa, Belgium 4hrs

9 June - Magny Cours, France 4hrs

7 September - Paul Ricard, France 4hrs

27-28 September - Ledenon, France 3hrs 30min

18-19 October - Nogaro, France 2 x 4hrs

The Ligier JS2 R was designed to celebrate the brand’s 50thanniversary. The car takes its inspiration from the Ligier JS2 that finished second in the 1975 Le Mans 24 hours. With low running costs, long gaps between revisions and easy mechanical maintenance, the Ligier JS2R has been designed to provide endless hours of pleasure behind the wheel. Easy to drive, it is accessible for all motorsport enthusiasts. The cost of the Ligier JS2 R is €89,000 +VAT.

For more information on the Ligier JS Cup, please visit: Ligier JS Cup

For more information on the Ligier JS2 R, please visit: Ligier JS2 R